5 Modern Kaftan Designs To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

5 Modern Kaftan Designs to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

Over the years,"kaftan" has become a catch-all phrase in fashion for any form of loose-fitting robe or tunic—often used to designate a variety of clothes of Middle Eastern and North African provenance.

But, what actually comes to mind when you hear the word "kaftan?" Perhaps you may think of a quaint piece of loungewear or a beach cover-up. Perhaps you've seen comparable advertisements for flaring skimpy outfits that are meant for an island getaway.

It is undeniable that there is always a single image of caftans that pops up in everybody’s head when they hear that word. But if you really come to think of it, the kaftan dress is one of the transcendent clothing pieces that have emancipated from being typecast simply as beachwear. The narrative has changed and kaftans are now elevated garments that can easily be transitioned into stylish outfits for any occasion.

Kaftans are more style-versatile than you may have initially thought they would be. But we understand why this is the case because, in the past, most caftans were mostly marketed as swimsuit cover-ups… well not anymore. With more modern kaftan designs being tailored for women nowadays, you can now wear caftans while running errands, going to dinner, attending a wedding, or simply having a cosy night in.

If you wanna dig deeper into this and see some examples of how a kaftan dress can be worn on special events other than just as loungewear, well you found the right place! We have listed all the modern caftan designs that you shouldn’t miss this year:

Modern Kaftan Designs

1. Fluted Sleeve Midi Kaftan in Pink

The midi caftan in this collection exudes a dreamy and romantic feel. The classic relaxed-fit profile of this statement piece in midi-length is delicately designed with an abrupted V-neckline and voluminous fluted sleeves. This garment is all about simple patterns combined with a modern colour palette.

2. Button Front Midi Kaftan in Maroon

This midi kaftan adds a modern spin to traditional kaftans. This fitting caftan is precisely created in luscious fabric for a dramatic effect, and it features a frontal fastening of loops with buttons, a V-neckline, and long sleeves with firm cuffs. This garment is of top quality and was developed with artistic elements in mind.

3. Ruched Neck Kaftan in Bronze

This off-shoulder caftan will put an end to your wardrobe worries. This shift dress is created for comfort and will keep you feeling light throughout the day. It has a row of buttons extending down from the top to the hem. The ruffle design on the sleeve and collar of this dress offers an ingenious flare to casual ensembles.

4. V-Neck Kaftan in Green

This green v-neck caftan will deliver a distinctive touch to your casual outfits. With half sleeves and a flaring silhouette, this trendy must-have exudes nothing but charm. Complete the look with minimal jewellery and equally striking shoes.

5. Feather Trim Kaftan in Black

This black kaftan is opulent, feminine, and classy, making it your best bet for a special night out. The kaftan is so comfortable that you won't want to take it off! It has long sleeves and a feather accent at the sleeve hem. If you want to define your waistline, wear the caftan with a belt, or wear it as is for a more cascading and carefree aesthetic.

On a Final Note

Hopefully, you are now convinced that modern kaftans can and should be a part of your everyday wardrobe. The trick to wearing a kaftan dress is to just let it do all of the talking. Keep things simple yet stunning. The beauty of this garment is the ease with which it wears and flows. There is no effort involved, and the greatest fashion reflects this. And if you haven't slipped into a breezy caftan yet, you're absolutely missing out!

There you have it, ladies. However you may be looking to elevate your caftan fashion, Kayfi is here to help you achieve that dream aesthetic. If you've been searching for "kaftan" on your browser, expecting to find fantastic shops with chic ‘fits to buy, we're glad you've found us because we’re never going to disappoint. Discover our collection of gorgeous kaftans today, and you would never have to miss out on the latest kaftan trend ever again.