A time to celebrate in style – It’s the UAE’s 50th National Day

A time to celebrate in style – It’s the UAE’s 50th National Day. Set your phone alarms because the UAE’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations are just around the corner. With the UAE’s 50th National Day celebrations and the long weekend around the corner, it's never too early to start planning out your outfit to celebrate this special day with your family and loved ones. 

Dubbed the Spirit of the Union, the date marks the unification of all seven Emirates into one nation. From dazzling firework displays to elaborate parades and glittering ceremonies, UAE National Day gathers locals and expatriates to celebrate. 

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This Haute Manteau In Claret Abaya is not just modest, but offers a unique modern twist with its wrap and tie up style. It also comes with a matching sheila. This fierce colour just roars a spirit of celebration. 

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We At Kayfi know that you cannot wait to join the party and celebrate in style. So, we have prepared a bunch of modest choices for you to join the crowd and be as you want. The options we offer you have the following shades red, white, black, and green, beautifying every aspect of Emirati life across the nation. Being a public holiday, UAE National Day brings families and friends together in a day full of celebration, fun and contemplation. So, why don't you join but still look stylish doing it? 

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