Best Khaleeji Women Styles & Dresses

The world today is ever changing and women are changing with it, especially here. They are getting up and stepping out into new roles, and are more present and more visible than ever. The Khaleeji woman has thoughts and opinions and she’s not afraid to put them out there. Along with that, her style of dress has changed and evolved too. It is up to her to see what suits her best. As she likes it. These are a few of the types of Khaleeji women seen around:

The Modest Outfit: Maybe she’s the type of woman to go experimental. Maybe she has a turban on, with a pyjama set, that is still modest. It could be pants, it could be a skirt, it could be a turban or a scarf. She can layer a chic jacket on top of a sleeveless dress, to give it her own modest spin. She’s the woman of today and her options are unlimited.

The Full Cover-up: With her abaya and her Sheila in place, she’s stepping out and going places. This young woman doesn’t have to choose between one or the other. Take this woman with her All tied up Abaya in Umber, layered over her ditsy printed dress. The matching scarf really pulls her look together. She knows how to get things done, all while being on trend.

The Abaya cover no Sheila: Whether it’s sitting at home in her fancy Jellabiya, or throwing on a cover-up to venture out of the house, the Khaleeji woman of today has many choices. She can wear a Sheila, or not. This peek a boo Abaya in Storm blue, for instance, is perfect for a woman who knows her own mind.

The Expat: This woman comes from abroad and is working or studying locally. But one thing she is guaranteed to be stylish. Her fashion is global, but it still holds on to her modest roots. She is herself and still fits in on the global stage. Like this young lady in the Kayfi All lined up suit set. It’s a more playful take on traditional fashion, whether she wears a scarf, a cover or neither; it's her choice.

So, which one of these is the woman of Kayfi? It’s all of them. There is no one way to be the woman you want to be. The latest collection from Kayfi gives you the option to dress as you want. With Kayfi, be who you are, as you like it.