Easy Ways To Layer Your Clothes To Look Trendy And Modest

The days of struggling to find a cover-up that would complement your trendy outfit are over. You no longer have to choose between being modest and being a fashion star. Kayfi has a stunning range of dresses and cover-ups that complement each other so you can be both, as you like it.

Layering can be as simple as pairing a blouse and a trouser with a jacket on top. Or it can be covering up a sleeveless summer dress with a matching abaya in the same colour. 

The SS21 collection from Kayfi is designed with layering in mind. It you find a top you like but can’t think of what to coverup the short sleeves with, don’t worry. Kayfi has got the option for you, in a complementary colour that will complete your modest look. 

Read on for some style tips and ideas to make the most of your modest self with Kayfi.

Mix prints and plains together 

The flirty flower kaftan in evening blue is a perfect day outfit for the indoors. The little scattered flower motifs are delicate and soft. It looks like flowers scattered by the wind over a moonlight lake. If you want to head out, then look no further than this Breezy shawl Abaya in evening blue. The front open Abaya can be pulled on over the kaftan easily. The colours match and the combination with the printed fabric of the kaftan creates a visual break that’s very stylish. The smart extended lapels on the abaya are a stylish addition. Throw on a matching scarf and step out into the world, as you like it.

Go for the monochrome

Just because you’ve worn trousers doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Go for the full monochrome and match these olive trousers with the Fun in the sun blouse that’s almost like they were made for each other. The ladder lace detailing, in the same monochrome, will give your outfit an additional spark. But don’t worry, stepping out won’t be an issue. This ruched sleeve abaya and scarf go right on top of the outfit. The abaya has a partly open front, to make your life easy while you go about your day without a care. As you like it!

Add a hint of contrast 

Matchy match is good in its place, but sometimes a girl wants a bit of change. Why not add a hint of contrasting colour into the mix? Match the Russet trousers to the Frill thrill Abaya, but pair it with a classic 70s Peasant blouse in a soft buttercream inside. The little colour will peak out from the neckline of this fun abaya with the playful tiered sleeves. Throw on a matching scarf in either colour and done! Ready for whatever life throws at you. 

With Kayfi, you have a one-stop destination for all your layering needs. You can be whoever you want to be, as you like it