Five Classy Iftar Outfit Ideas For This Year's Ramadan

Modest Outfit Ideas

The Holy Month of Ramadan is a time for both devotion and celebration. It is also an opportunity to spend time with family and friends during iftar, suhoor, and Eid al-Fitr. With that being said, it denotes that Ramadan is also a season when your modest wardrobe must keep up with a hectic social calendar. Shopping for Ramadan outfits can be one of the most exciting periods of the year for Muslims who value trends and aesthetics.

Women who prefer to dress modestly, particularly during Ramadan, consider this time of year as a chance to exhibit their uniqueness and individuality through art and fashion. They prefer to go all out with statement-making outfits, modest dresses and kaftans, and a subtle approach to style in order to seize the celebration of this specially marked tradition.

In the grand scheme of things, women must dress conservatively and within the boundaries of their faith, especially during Ramadan. This implies longer hems and seams, no exposed shoulders or chest, and legs that are covered until below the knee. Even if you are not Muslim, people in the Middle East tend to dress modestly during Ramadan as a way of participating in the festivities and being one with the spirit of Ramadan. On that note, we've compiled a list of our favourite modest outfits and Eid dresses for you to wallow yourself in for this occasion:


The Cowl Sleeve Overlap Abaya is an innovative and captivating spin on traditional abaya designs. It has ruched sleeves that provide character and an overlapping pattern with an enclosing button at the waist. The dark brown hue imparts mystique and minimalist touch to this outfit. This full-length abaya is rooted in heritage and craftsmanship. Seal the look with a matching earth-tone scarf.


The Crinkled Cover-Up Abaya is a fresh take on casual abaya dresses. This abaya may be worn as a wrap-around over tighter clothing. Its flowy structure features one button to fasten on its extreme left without much hassle, giving it a minimalist appearance. Scroll through the edit for a matching ensemble, or go for all-in-one energy with a coordinating dress.


The Button Embellished Jacquard Abaya is made of an ideal fabric for a straight fit. It has a v-neckline and full sleeves, and button embellishments on the front. This abaya may be worn for its actual purpose, but it also works well as a cover-up. Spruce up the outfit with a subtle but elegant pendant necklace.


The Button-Down Cardigan screams minimalist fashion. It highlights a knitted structure and button embellishments from the top. It is crafted to keep it non-restrictive and easy to move in with its flexible fabric. Make the most of this outfit by layering it with complementing tonal sandals.


This Snake Print Midi Kaftan is a midi-length kaftan dress in a snake print pattern crafted from a crease-free fabric. It features smocked details on its full sleeves and a flared skirt, enhanced by its empire waist design. This eccentric Ramadan kaftan is a new take on a traditionally feminine style. This gorgeous ensemble will look best when paired with classic sandals of the same hue.

Shopping for Eid and choosing the perfect Iftar outfits to incorporate into your Ramadan wardrobe can be quite overwhelming, we know. But always remember to showcase modest wear that brings you a sense of familiarity and makes you feel at home. That’s a philosophy that every one of us should live by. And if you don't already have any of these essential pieces, do yourself a favour and score a couple of eid dresses from Kayfi!

After all, you can never go wrong with a tried-and-true classic style, regardless of the type, because possessing these timeless statement pieces has always been proven to be a prudent and elegant option to make. Now go grab your favourite pick from our personally curated Eid Collection and share the spirit of Ramadan.