Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Perfect Abaya Design Online

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Perfect Abaya Design Online

The abaya is one of the mainstay outfits in the wardrobe of every modest dresser, especially in the Middle East region. This long, flowing garment has a fascinating but brief history in the UAE. Roughly seven decades ago, it was relatively unknown. However, once the trend to wear it started, this simple garment quickly changed local fashion completely. Today, women have begun experimenting with coloured shaylahs and embellishments in place of all-black simple abaya designs.

In this day and age, abaya designs are more distinctive and in line with global trends. The latest abaya style that you will see in the fashion scene is cutting-edge, modern garments that no longer serve the purpose of concealing an outfit but rather have evolved into an outfit in and of itself. This was made possible by the modest fashion movement's growing popularity. Naturally, everyone wants to keep up with the trend. Since we are all living in an era where technology is the latest craze, an increasing number of people are turning to their screens to get everything they need, from food to fashion—the abaya is no exception.

Tips to buy a modern abaya online

Let's face it. Online shopping can be a hit or miss sometimes. Having to decide where to buy, which one to buy, and the whole process of thoroughly going through each factor to consider before checking out can take a toll on anyone. If you are a smart online shopper, you already know by now that the time and energy that need to be exerted for this entire fiasco are immeasurable. Been there, done that. But don’t fret! With today’s guide, we are about to take the stress out of this tedious process. Read ahead if you want to save a trip from the hassle:

1. Size and Measurements

When it comes to selecting the perfect abaya size, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Taking your measurements and comparing them to the size chart of the website you're ordering from is the greatest approach to discovering the right fit. If you're in between sizes, go for the larger size to give yourself more room to move and breathe.

There are a couple of things you should know about abaya length if you want to purchase the perfect fit. Among them are:

  • The length of the abaya dress should fall a few centimetres below your ankle. We're not suggesting you should be a sweeping beauty because a sweeping abaya is not glamorous at all. However, it should not be too short either. If you want to wear your abaya with heels, add an inch or two to the hemline.
  • Measure from the top of your shoulder to the point where your shoe covers up.
  • The sleeve length is equally as crucial as the hem length. Sleeves that are too long or too short might spoil a good look. As a result, make sure your sleeves meet exactly your wrists.

2. Styles and Designs

Gone are the days when abayas are seen as merely just long black robes. Times are changing fast and the abaya fashion sure is keeping up with it. With the rise of modest fashion, through the help of renowned designers who dedicated themselves to introducing a contemporary spin on the abaya aesthetic, modest dressers can now indulge in a vast array of abayas in various designs.

With that in mind, everything has to boil down to what occasion you are going to wear the abaya. Lavish events deserve better treatment by choosing a new abaya design with sumptuous detailing and exquisite embellishments. If it’s going to be an all-girls night out, simple yet stunning designs will do. You can sport an abaya style with frill details, button loops, or the classic v-neck. If you plan to wear it to exude authority in a workplace, there are compelling yet simple abaya designs with lapel collars, cowl sleeves, and double-breasted details that will let you channel your inner girl-boss.

3. Colour

For many years, abaya fashion has been heavily associated with black. But you’re two thousand and late if you haven’t worn this garment in a different colour. Due to the population becoming younger by the day, modest dressers have found a way to express their individuality through colours without compromising their values. Especially during summer, women have been inclined to wear brighter coloured abayas to cope with the heat. Some want to go more solemn with earth-toned abayas. It’s always important to consider the season and the occasion you are wearing the abaya for. Can’t decide which colour? Why not try a two-tone abaya? It’s a sure way to hit two birds with one stone.

4. Fabric

The kind of fabric you wear can have a significant impact on how comfortable you feel. The abaya is worn by modest women everywhere, not just in one region of the world. You should think about the climate in your area and the season when you buy your abaya. In general, cotton is one of the most popular abayas because it can be worn in any weather. However, you can also choose from a variety of fabrics:

  • Linen

Linen fabric fibres are derived from the flax plant, and as a result, it is two or three times stronger than cotton. Furthermore, due to its nature, it has excellent heat conductivity, making it ideal for abayas in the summer.

  • Cotton

Because cotton abayas don't need much fabric care, that makes them great for daily wear. They can be designed in a variety of cuts, shapes, or styles, and their craftsmanship can even be quite finely detailed. Cotton's versatility makes it ideal for almost any skin type. Even on the most scorching sunny day, it keeps you comfortable and able to breathe.

  • Crepe

This fabric is a high-quality cloth with a twisted weave that gives it a somewhat rough look. This cloth is quite preferred by many since it does not wrinkle as easily as the others. Crepe garments are extremely flattering and are ideal for the more slender cut designs. You can make use of this amazing fabric without sacrificing your modest wear demands.

  • Georgette

When shopping for abayas, another popular fabric option is georgette. It has a texture that is similar to a crepe and resembles silk. Because of its slight transparency, most georgette abayas are stitched with a variety of fabrics. Such fabric should be washed by hand. Keep this in mind when choosing a size because they might even shrink slightly.

  • Rayon

Because rayon fabric is good at absorbing sweat and body oil, it is a good choice if you sweat more when it is humid outside. You won't feel any discomfort while wearing a rayon abaya because it is made of natural and synthetic fibres.

  • Viscose

There are many reasons why viscose fabric is famous, including its ability to stay breezy, non-allergic properties, antistatic properties, softness, and so on. Despite being made from tree pulp, the fabric is still more durable than cotton and feels lighter to wear. Simple abaya designs made of viscose are appropriate for casual looks, work attire, and any occasion that you can think of.

5. The Website

Shoppers nowadays purchase mostly online, as with everything else that has gone digital. As a result, picking the best website is just as crucial as choosing the right shop to buy from. No one has the time to stroll around stores or even scour hundreds of websites looking for an abaya design. Hence, when you are browsing websites to buy your outfits from, keep the following points in mind:

  • Niche/Collection

Typing the word abaya on the search bar will definitely give you a million online stores to choose from. One good way to instantly filter them down is by choosing websites that specialise in modest fashion. It’s not always a good idea to shop on a site that’s a jack of all trades, master of none. They could be offering a massive outfit selection from a to z, but their expertise in one category could be lacking.

Websites that specialise in modest fashion have their focus only on the wants and needs of modest dressers. Therefore, they have done their research and sourced their talents and resources to produce more unique and gorgeous abayas to appease their style-conscious consumers.

  • Returns/Refund Policy

Buying online can be a trial-and-error sort of process sometimes. There could be instances when we receive our orders and the item is actually not as expected. Perhaps, the item runs smaller than usual or the colour isn’t as striking in person as it was on the website photos. On this note, it is always important to check the website’s returns and refund policy. This will give you the confidence to shop knowing that you can exchange the item in case something goes wrong, or even get a refund if you are not entirely satisfied. Most websites in the UAE offer a 14-day return period to observe fairness among their customers.

  • Delivery Service

There is no better feeling than receiving your package on time and in good condition. But if an online shop’s local delivery takes two weeks to be completed, just look somewhere else. It’s not worth wasting time. Luckily in the UAE, most online stores offer a quick and hassle-free delivery service. So if you don’t have enough time to get that new abaya design that you want before your next event happens, you gotta carefully choose a reliable website with a swift shipping service.

  • Payment Options

Back in the day, cash on delivery was the only payment option available to online shoppers, and this has caused a lot of limitations in the past. But as major developments have happened in the field of financial technology recently, there are now more flexible and convenient payment options in place for online buyers. Nevertheless, one has to be vigilant with websites that do not have a secure payment gateway.

After all, secure websites will have multiple payment options like PayPal, apple/google pay, and credit/debit card payments. Also, more and more websites have collaborated with third-party payment solutions where you can easily pay your order on an instalment basis, like Tamara and Tabby. These third-party payment solutions have done their careful checking before integrating their service with an e-commerce website, so that should be a plus factor.

  • Website Security

Although virtually all famous shopping sites are protected by their proprietors, you must still do your part and check to verify if the website URL is HTTPS or not. HTTPS is a security protocol, or a security certificate provided to websites to safeguard their internet connection. If you see HTTP (without the ‘S’) in the URL, it signifies the website is not safe and we do not recommend you purchase any items there.

  • Customer Reviews

If you have trouble trusting your gut, then it’s best to listen to what others have to say. That’s why reading customer reviews who previously ordered from that website is very helpful. They would serve either as a warning or a testimonial of how good their shopping experience was. Some of them would even post photos along with their reviews for you to see how the abaya style would look on actual people, and not just on models. Just be heedful of some customer reviews as some stores write them up on their own.