The Complete Guide To Modest Fashion

The Complete Guide to Modest Fashion

"We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. That decision is ours and ours alone," Jennifer Aniston wrote in an article for HuffPost. The actress' strong declaration demonstrates that women continue to be subjected to unrelenting pressure to make the "correct" decisions in order to be deemed "enough" or "worthy."

For many years, establishing one's individuality and lifestyle as someone who dresses modestly was not entirely the same as what we have been experiencing today. When you look at the history of modest fashion, you'll see that it's been lost and forgotten for quite a long time. Women of many ethnicities and origins have developed and worn modest attire since the Islamic Empire ruled in the early seventh century until the Ottoman Turks took over in the fourteenth century. However, the concept of what was to be worn was not uniform, and there were differences in the degree to which it was to be worn.

However, the modest woman should not be defined solely by her clothing choices. The clothing we choose to dazzle and enchant the world is only one aspect of our personality. Modesty is a notion that digs into a long, profound conversation with opposing viewpoints and ideas, but we must not emphasize our differences. After all, the concept of modest attire has evolved throughout time to reflect changing societal norms.

What is Modest Fashion?

Modest fashion has been a part of our culture for centuries, and they are a genuine emblem of eternal grace and humility. Its origins may be traced back to the Holy Quran, which states that men's daughters and spouses must wear loose robes. They are protected in this manner, and men can quickly identify them. (Qur'an 33:59)

In this day and age, these culturally significant garments are worn with a distinct charm and confidence by modern, modest ladies worldwide. Modest wear is no longer seen merely as conventional apparel. Instead, the globe is gradually changing toward selecting modest clothing with a contemporary look that may complement their appearance while also making people feel connected to their roots and traditions.

Modest clothing is now recognized as a trendsetter by the mainstream fashion industry. As a result, various patterns and materials have been developed to provide modest ladies with nothing less than elegance and style. Some are perfect for making a stunning impression, while others can make you appear like a fashion statement.

Modest Fashion Must-Haves

Choosing the proper modest attire depends on various factors, and when it comes to selecting the finest one, it might be daunting to confront the fashion choices that we make on our own. We relate to the difficulty of this situation, so in our efforts to help you with this endeavour, we have put together a list of timeless staples that every modest dresser must have in their modest wardrobe:


Many individuals believe that wearing an abaya would make you seem unfashionable. They're entirely incorrect. With such rapid flourishing in style, the abaya dress is not overlooked. Many designers provide exquisite and trendy abaya dresses that may be worn regularly or for any special event. Gone are the days when an abaya was only a heavy black cloak; today's ladies know how to wear fashionable abayas in modern designs while maintaining modest ideals. Abayas are now made in the newest and most sophisticated silhouettes and shape to give them an edgy appeal. This versatile garment is a must-have for modern modest women.


This Colour Block Open Abaya is a fresh and appealing take on conventional attire. The soft-touch fabric is fashioned in a basic style and silhouette that is accented with a striking monochromatic palette and kimono sleeves. The colour blocking adds a cosmopolitan flair and a minimalist touch to this ensemble.


Kaftans come in a broad range of styles, materials, and colours and can be transformed into anything you choose - from elegant and sophisticated wedding outfits to beach party ensembles. This incredibly adaptable and comfy outfit has made a comeback in recent years (though we can't entirely claim they were ever out of style). It is growing increasingly popular, appealing to the palate of women who want elegant and chic formal clothes and those who prefer more relaxed looks. For these reasons, we see no grounds why ladies shouldn't include kaftans in their modest wardrobes.


This Pink Fluted Sleeve Midi Kaftan exudes femininity with a simple pattern and lush fabric. This eye-catching ensemble showcases a seamless V-neckline, fluted sleeves, and midi-length. This regalia's general theme is appropriate for both smart-casual days and nighttime outings.


Dresses are one of the most popular types of modest clothing there is. Most women who prefer modest fashion have one too many dresses in their closets, so why not make the most of them? Dresses are always viewed as practical and conservative for ladies, but that doesn't mean you can't mix them with exciting and fascinating styles to ramp up your look!


This Button-Down Midi Dress gown is ideal for special events that require a traditional design with a modern twist. This dress's flowing design strikes an enticing feminine inflexion, which is enhanced with front buttons and long bishop sleeves. Spruce up with a trendy handbag and block-heeled sandals.


Any getup may be perfected with the proper top. And, let's face it, there is no such thing as 'too many' tops in your wardrobe. This apparel is ideal for layering and adding depth to any ensemble. They're a must-have for modest girls since the variety of colours, styles, and prints will let you stand out while fitting in with the season's major trends. Modest tops are the most acceptable go-to option for every lady on the go.


The Boat Neck Loose Top is a minimalistic statement piece in a soft, wrinkle-resistant fabric. This exquisitely tailored top sports a boat neckline, half sleeves, and a loose silhouette. Wear it with your favourite high-waisted pants or a coordinating skirt to complete the look.


Jackets are no longer just for business or formal occasions. Today, you may wear your stunning jackets out on a date or while shopping with your friends at the mall! This kind of apparel is ultra-versatile and is perfect for layering. So, allow your modest clothing to stand out without putting in a lot of effort in style with some gorgeous jackets.


This Shawl Collar Blazer encapsulates the signature aesthetic of the season. It is made of high-quality fabric and features a classic shawl lapel. The overall pattern of this wardrobe essential gives it a vintage vibe. Feel free to pair it with matching pants throughout the day and a show-stopping skirt in the evening.


Shirts of various types are a vital part of any well-rounded wardrobe, and they look elegant no matter what the weather is like. They're ideal for dressing modestly since they give ample covering and a conservative appearance. There are plenty of inventive ideas for styling them in new and fashionable ways. Wear them with your favourite trousers and sandals for a full-coverage, casual attire that is both modest and on-trend.


This Button-Down Blouse is a sophisticated choice for day-to-evening wear. This standout piece is designed with a complementing choker, perfectly sewed seams and hemline, and a button-down detail. Pair it with a high-waisted skirt or palazzo pants and leather pumps to emphasise its flowing charm.


Maxi and midi skirts have been prominent since the beginning of time, and the fad is not going away anytime soon, or perhaps not even ever. What else could you want from a statement piece that's so simple to style? Skirts are always visually pleasing and unquestionably charming. It goes basically with about everything inside your closet - thanks to the way they may seem laid-back yet not frumpy. That's precisely the ideal type of garment for women who want to dress modestly from dawn to dusk.


The High Waist Flared Skirt is a gorgeous investment piece. This midi-length skirt is aptly tailored from soft fabric and boasts a flared design as well as delicate trimmings and stitching that enable easy movement. You can never go wrong with a fitted shirt and block-heeled mules for workdays.


When it comes to modest wear, fashionable women cannot be limited by the notion that they must only wear long skirts and maxi dresses. Instead, explore several trousers designs to keep your style repertoire flexible and exciting. In essence, trousers are one of the few pieces of clothing that you can make the most of without sacrificing your conservative style.

Trousers always give traditional pieces of clothes a fresh and unique look. Women's loose-fitting ensembles will always be trendy today and in all the years to come when matched with modest trousers.


These High Waisted Palazzo Pants will bring a touch of elegance to your everyday wardrobe. The seamless fabric blend is comfortable on the skin, and the narrow waistline and flared silhouette add to the streamlined aesthetic. In addition, this essential garment exudes a fashion-forward feel with a flattering high-rise waist and a wide-leg design.

Tips To Look Stylish While Dressing Modestly

Whatever the reason for your decision to adopt this fashion style, you should be aware that "modest" does not imply "unstylish." Conservative outfits provide incomparable comfort and a sense of self-confidence that permeates your entire image. Although, dressing modestly may be a challenging feat as it might feel like you're going through a maze of infinite fashion crises with all of the choices and styles.

But don't fret! We guarantee you that it's not as complicated as it appears. If you wish to dress demurely while nevertheless looking fashionably, these four reliable recommendations below will undoubtedly come in handy:


Adding layers to your wardrobe is a terrific approach to keeping modest and elegant for various reasons. A jacket or an item from our collection will keep you warm when the weather turns chilly, but they'll also keep your back and shoulders covered, so you don't have to worry about showing too much skin.


When it comes to dressing modestly, the material you choose for your outfits is crucial. Wearing ensembles made of more rigid and opaque textiles is a must, especially when you're going out in public.

It is usually preferable to be careful and have a fit check rather than choosing randomly. For example, if you're not sure about the thickness of your trousers, pair them with a longer shirt. Pieces composed of cotton blends, polyester blends, and wool, on the other hand, are trusted as excellent clothing materials.


Any outfit can be enhanced with the addition of accessories. From dainty necklaces and regal bracelets to dashing belts, a wide range of accessories fit any style while remaining modest. As long as your jewellery does not draw attention to a low neckline or a tight figure, it can be a sophisticated way to make a statement while remaining demurely dressed.

Totes and purses are also excellent accessories that keep your modesty intact. Using a different bag that complements your every attire might transform your style. It raises your fashion sense by adding a hint of flair to a plain ensemble.


Pattern and texture are two things you can play around with for a long time. As a result, your outfit will seem a bit more elaborate while remaining as modest as you need it to be with a bit of modification in any of these.

Dresses with unconventional designs, such as pinstripes, plaid, polka dots, flowers, or geometric forms, are great options to begin with. A textured notched-collar jacket over another top might mirror the artsy and vintage aesthetics that are popular right now. Look for styles within your comfort zone while also allowing you to stand out.


Colour is one element you may play around with within various modest clothes. Colour may be used in the abaya itself and the rest of your attire.

Wearing different shades of the same hue in the same ensemble is a great idea, for example, a muted forest green abaya with a trendy lime green blouse or an olive long-sleeved top and slacks. You may also try wearing a neutral-coloured shirt and pants and contrasting them with a brighter-coloured jacket. Don't be afraid to play around with colour to create stylish yet understated ensembles.

Kayfi - Distinctive Modest Fashion for the Progressive Woman

Kayfi, a modern and revolutionary modest fashion line, caters to women who value a distinct and vibrant aesthetic while remaining culturally connected. Offering an ardent vision modestly, Kayfi collections are here to deliver a fine blend of fun, elegance, and uniqueness. Founded on the principle of freedom of expression, Kayfi is the first Middle Eastern brand that offers distinctive modest fashionwear for discerning progressive women who appreciate novelty and quality.

Kayfi offers an online retail experience in the Middle East with premium materials, design, and style, allowing women to express themselves freely. The label provides a diverse range of high-quality items, including abayas, kaftans, dresses, shirts, trousers, and skirts, all developed by an innovative, creative in-house team devoted to assisting women to reclaim and personalise fashion.

Kayfi provides a personalised touch to its every service and design as they strive to deliver a pleasant shopping experience for its customers. With a different selection, Kayfi allows its customers to construct their ideal wardrobe representing their true identity.

It is never too late to dress modestly while being on point with style. So, explore Kayfi's stunning collections and start letting your personality shine, just as you like it.