The Definitive Guide To Timeless Fashion Prints

If there is one style statement in the fashion scene that surprisingly never goes out of style, that would be fashion prints! The lovely prints that we have seen way back in the past and we still see in the present have undeniably transcended a long line of eras and generations. I mean, why not? These trending prints are the simplest way to enliven your wardrobe and express your personal flair and state of mind. But you might ask, where did they originally come from?

A Brief History of Prints

Fashion prints have been around for generations, and the British Isles have a rich textile heritage. Printed textiles were imported from India by the India Trade Company before the Industrial Revolution and until the end of the 18th century. Prior to it, India had a 2,000-year history of textile printing. The colours and themes had an Indian influence at first but were quickly adjusted to suit European preferences.

All of that would change with the advent of innovative methods that resulted in higher types of mechanisation during the Industrial Revolution. However, the surge in mass manufacturing did not impress everyone. William Morris, possibly the most renowned British textile designer, got more disenchanted with the Industrial Revolution and began designing his own fabrics with flora and fauna designs that would later cover walls and furnishings.

As the twentieth century began, fashion was once again bored of large-scale production, and many designers looked to the East for inspiration, with looser, more colourful garments, in sharp contrast to the limitations of the previous decade's fashion. Celia Birtwell and Zandra Rhodes would revolutionise pattern and colour, with Rhodes drawing inspiration from current painters such as Andy Warhol and employing vivid colours and geometric patterns.

Contemporary fashion continues to adopt and reinvent with ever more intriguing textile designs inspired by old patterns, themes, nature, and art, as well as anything else that inspires artists to make something that encapsulates the spirit of the times.

The Popular Types of Prints

Fast forward to today’s stylish times, fashion prints are available in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. Nothing about this season's biggest trends screams "minimalist" or "simplistic." It's all about the trending prints, creating your own sartorial statement and sporting them your own way. If you've ever wondered what these are all named, let's find out!


The floral print is one of the most appealing and popular motifs in recent years. Regardless of the event, these floral prints never fail to provide an evergreen and new touch to one's attire. They are like a gorgeous garden in every closet, waiting to bloom and thrive. Floral outfits were formerly solely visible in western clothing, but they are now found in the wardrobe of any happy occasion that takes place throughout the world.


Animal print is a clothing and fashion trend in which the garment is designed to look like the pattern on an animal's skin. Leopard print, cow print, snake print, and zebra print are among the most well-known. Animal print was one of the biggest fashion trends of 2018 and was featured on runways all around the world. While this sort of print may never regain its ubiquity of the 1980s, it is doubtful that its bright adaptability will ever go out of style.


Checks are back on deck! But, to be honest, were they ever truly gone? Every season, the bright checkerboard checkerboard prints as a fashion trend is always on the rise. Chequered prints are made by weaving a pattern into the cloth using several colours or kinds of thread. This approach opens up an infinite number of possibilities for distinct chequered designs. Variations like plaid, tartan, gingham, madras, window pane, glen check, and houndstooth are some of the most popular. Each grid-like design generates an optimistic sense of joy, which we could all need right now. A checkered print dress, purse, or shirt would surely do the trick if you're searching for ways to add a little enchantment to your summer wardrobe.


It was named after a little textile town in western Scotland that was brimming with paisley-pattern shawls. Paisley print originated in ancient Babylon and flourished rapidly in Poland and India after that. The vortex design was supposed to be inspired by the leaves of bodhi trees or dates in Hindus. The design contained identifiable teardrop shapes and yet cashew nuts aligned with coiled-up portions of coquettish florals. Fashion, in keeping with the times, offers several viewpoints on this retro-inspired design. Paisley outfits have become a mainstay on the catwalk in recent years. There is little question that it will spark a paisley motif trend.


For many years, top designers have employed monograms throughout their work. Apparels are ideal for displaying a large trademark motif or a repeat pattern, such as a famous designer's monogram print. Since its debut, it has become an iconic print that fashion houses have used on nearly every design they have ever created. Even now, celebrities wear logo print clothing on a daily basis. This pattern style is already the latest trend, and we don't see it going away very soon.


A striped outfit is a recurring trend that looks as fresh as ever season after season. There's something about this vintage yet fully modern pattern that fits regardless of the season, event, or mood. Stripes are one of the most common sorts of patterns and have been used by humans since they first chose to make their ordinary goods more attractive. While some people associate stripes with solid lines of colour lined up next to each other, a stripe may be much more. The phrase itself refers to any form of theme arranged in a row, not only solid blocks of colour. Nowadays, stylists also incorporate this print to create an illusion of getting taller or wider when you wear stripes.


Camouflage was devised by the military to help them approach or avoid prey or enemies. Its patterns and colours are inspired by the settings in which they are worn, such as sandy deserts and lush woods. Although camo clothing was originally used by military personnel to blend into their environment as it obscures the human silhouette, fashion designers, on the other hand, find that a little camo detailing improves an item of otherwise uninteresting clothing in everyday life. This has later on gained widespread popularity and proved thatcamo outfits can no longer be pigeonholed as something that’s only related to war.


Polka dots have been around for far longer than you would believe. The polka print was associated with the plague until the 19th century when the polka dot dance debuted and grabbed the globe by storm. The dancing craze sparked an enthusiasm revolution, resulting in polka dots being used in a variety of fashion and homeware goods. The polka dot as a fabric pattern was not achievable until the mid-nineteenth century when machines were capable of producing properly spaced dots; such daring patterns for the period. The polka dot clothing has never truly lost its popularity since then. It has become a wardrobe essential for the majority of individuals. Throughout the decades, the fashion industry has celebrated the polka dot fabric since it was created, from high-street brands to premium fashion firms. To this day the polka dots fashion remains a timeless aesthetic.


According to fashion historians, tie-dyeing is an ancient process that was used as early as the 6th century in countries such as India, Japan, Africa, and other ancient civilizations that have a rich history of using the technique of colouring fabric. Silk and hemp were the most often dyed materials. However, it was not termed tie dye back then. Although tie dye clothes peaked in the United States during the counterculture movement, it quickly gained popularity all over the world. Tie dye shirts have recently made a large, bright, and vivid comeback in the fashion industry. Different styles of DIY fashion were already taking over social media platforms by storm.


Europe began what would become known as the Baroque Period in the 17th and 18th centuries. The term "Baroque" might be derived from a Portuguese word that originally referred to an irregularly shaped pearl, or it could be derived from an Italian phrase that describes a complex cognitive process. It is commonly used in the arts to indicate dramatic, weird, or over-decorated traits. The late 1980s witnessed Milan-based Gianni Versace transform the Italian creative heritage into wild pop art, replacing the angels and cherubs of Italian frescos with a baroque print depicting gold chains, Medusa heads, and leopard skins printed on shimmering silk. Fortunately for us, these lovely motifs are making a comeback. Think vivid chain designs interlaced with animal and floral themes on everything from dresses to tops to accessories.

Tips to Wear Prints

Fashion prints apparently started as a means of storytelling, which we portray by dabbling with outlines, theme size, and repetition. We chose to explore the history before us and rework the narrative through the perspective of these stories and existent designs. Prints are a terrific, vibrant addition to any wardrobe and can be worn at any time of year. However, we understand how difficult it might be for people who don't know how to combine them into an ensemble. Thus, we are listing these tips to wear your prints better:


One strategy is to keep accessories to a minimum - while wearing a vibrant aesthetic from head to toe, avoid wearing any jewellery or headwear. Allow your clothing to speak for itself. Accessories have a tendency to clash and interfere with print on print. The printed outfit may thus appear silly rather than sophisticated.


If you want to mix prints rather than match them, try to keep the amount of distinct designs in your outfit to a minimum. A maximum of two distinct prints per outfit would be a wise restriction for a beginner, since any more may be considered overdone!


When there are more than two prints, things might become a little chaotic and comedic. Thus, it’s better to keep your handbag and shoes neutral as well. But when in doubt, go absolutely monochromatic. You can wear almost any two prints when you stick to classics like black and white, or matching printed top and printed pants. As a matter of fact, many style influencers have proven this approach to be one of the trending insta-worthy outfits.


When crafting your head-to-toe printed style this season, stick to fitted lines and clean cuts. Blazers, fitted trousers, and pencil skirts are all fantastic looks. Simple silhouettes and cuts will balance out any complex prints and keep everything appearing current and clean.


Print mixing done correctly could turn out to be mesmerising. When doing this, it is critical to use complementary colours and abstract forms. A polka dot shirt, for example, can be worn with striped pants. Another interesting alternative is to combine the same pattern in two different colours.


The more you play with colours and prints, the more you will learn and find new combinations. When combining diverse colours and designs, you should absolutely strive to step beyond your comfort zone. You'll be surprised at how many good combinations exist.


Everything in fashion, like everything else, is subjective. When it comes to patterns and designs, there are no hard and fast rules to follow; it all comes down to what you believe looks and feels good on you. Someone else may not like a design that you like, and that's okay; that's how fashion works! The most crucial thing is that you enjoy what you're wearing; when you're confident in your clothing, you'll appear even better to others.


Fashion is all about having fun in your own beautiful way and embracing various contemporary and historical trends to showcase every day. Fashion prints are a stylish approach to showing your inner self in a dazzling way. You’ve got to experiment in every manner imaginable with these trending prints since they are returning with a bang to win over the fashion world!

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