These Pastel Coloured Outfits Will Be Everywhere This Season

These Pastel Coloured Outfits Will Be Everywhere This Season

It's not the first time we've all fallen in love with pastels. The gentle, soothing colour scheme evokes numerous childhood memories of clouds and skies, sweet treats, and peaceful dreaming. Fashion was obsessed with Millennial Pink not long ago, and now pastel is making a comeback in tones of pastel blue, lemon, lilac, and mint to somehow help ease anxiety.

Pastels are quickly becoming connected with self-care. Pantone's 2016 colour of the year, "Rose Quartz," was adopted by designers and dubbed "Millennial Pink" the following spring. Later that autumn, a makeup label marketed baby pink as the colour of self-care, a trend that the beauty industry quickly embraced. In reaction to the pandemic and its chain of sad occurrences, our increased affinity for pastels is a desire for recovery and comfort in 2023.

Pastels are simply non-confrontational and easy to live with; this combination of peaceful colours brings people together in harmony rather than causing discord. A sentiment that reflects a generation that values inclusivity and sharing. The pastels, which convey a sense of cleanliness and simplicity, readily fit into a more minimalist and decluttered design aesthetic, as well as providing a comforting tranquillity to the spirit.

This calming colour trend can help you create a style statement anchored in tenderness, optimism, and unfettered confidence, whether it's for a celebration or as a casual look. So, are you ready to go on a dazzling adventure? Here's how to jazz up your style identity in 2023 with fresh pastel colors:

“Get Your Green On”

With its easy-to-style and eye-catching features, this pastel green top adheres to Kayfi's chic aesthetics. Its lightweight fabric offers a loose shape and a captivating design that features flared half sleeves and a sweetheart neckline.

Get the look, Green Half-Sleeve Top

“Cotton Candy Chic”

This pastel pink kaftan will give a contemporary touch to your casual ‘fits. With button loops and a flared shape that is midi in length, this trendy must-have exudes nothing but charm. Complete the look with minimal jewellery and complementary sandals.

Shop this outfit, Powder Pink Midi Kaftan

“Grey Is the Way”

Stride into the new season with these coveted grey trousers. The homey tone of this ensemble makes it the finest casual alternative for chilly days. The pants have a high waist and a straight-leg design and have exactly the proper amount of elasticity for comfort.

See for yourself, Grey Straight Leg Trousers

“Add Some Zest to It”

This yellow t shirt is made from an adaptable fabric that is soft and comfortable. The lovely stitchwork at the seams lends structure to this loose-fitting garment. Its short sleeves and delicate round neckline exemplify simplicity. With its casual-cool feel and flattering fit, this shirt will help you nail the basics.

Grab the style, Yellow Crewneck Tee

“The Power of Purple”

Who says you can't be both sporty and stylish? This sweatshirt is made of waffle weave and has a v-neckline and dropped shoulders. Pair it with matching pastel purple waffle sweatpants for a classic on-the-go aesthetic.

Copy the outfit, Purple Waffle Sweatshirt

“Blushing in Style”

This midi dress gives off a romantic and dreamy feel. This statement piece's classic relaxed fit is stylishly paired with an abrupted V-neckline and flowy fluted sleeves. This garment is all about simplistic patterns coupled with a sleek pastel pink hue.

Achieve the style, Fluted Sleeve Midi Kaftan

A Pastel Outfit Makes All the Difference

Pastel colors are predicted to dominate the fashion charts once again. You can work out your looks to be as daring or as delicate as you want them to be, depending on your mood and style. Your confidence, however, must stay steady throughout your pastel fashion formula. Simply wear your outfit with conviction, and you will undoubtedly own this trend!

As pastels are expected to captivate everyone's attention once more in 2023, you shouldn’t fall off the bandwagon by following the basics that we have laid out for you. If you are looking for more, explore our newest collection of eye-catching tones and silhouettes. Trust us, we're here to make this year your best yet!