These Six Coloured Abaya Designs Vow To Breathe New Life Into Your Modest Wardrobe

These Six Colored Abaya Designs Vow to Breathe New Life Into Your Modest Wardrobe

There is probably one undisputed garment that immediately springs to mind when we think of Khaleeji women's fashion—it’s none other than the abaya! Most of the women in the region undeniably have a handful of abaya dresses in their wardrobe, and each one wears them on a daily basis, from day to night, with varying styles according to the occasion.

The women in this region have been wearing this iconic outfit for almost 4,000 years, long before the name abaya was even coined. The purpose of covering a woman's body with cloaks and loose garments was to portray elegance, affluence, and dignity, as these attributes signified a woman's social position. Wearing abayas became a gesture of humility that defines the Khaleeji identity as time went on.

In this day and age, abaya designs are no longer the stereotypical black long robes. With modest clothing now stealing the fashion scene, abayas have evolved along with the global trend, and they now come in various colours, designs, and silhouettes.

Today, the abaya fashion has evidently become a wardrobe staple and a fashion mainstay. The emergence of this illustrious garment has made it quite straightforward for modest women to look modern, fashionable, and sophisticated while staying connected to their customs and values.

Must-Have Colored Abaya Designs in 2022

As they say, if you want to conquer your fear, face your fear. On that note, if you fear missing out on the newest abaya trend, you better read ahead to get yourself in the game. In this post, we have listed all of the trendiest colored abayas (that are certainly not black) that will breathe new life into your modest wardrobe:

“Don’t even think, it’s pink!”

On most days, we all just want to be pretty in pink and this mood-boosting abaya style will tell you how. This regalia features a dramatic lapel collar, an open-front design, and a flared silhouette that’s perfect for any occasion. This abaya dress in a cheerful hue will undeniably be your go-to garment to stylishly conquer every season to come.

Get the look, Breezy Shawl Abaya In Pink Sand

“Just be-leaf in yourself”

This green open abaya shows off a vibrant colour that is sure to make a striking first impression on your special events. Feminine yet easy-going, this sleek outfit features a flattering shape in chiffon fabric that’s accentuated by button-loop detailing on both sides. Never hesitate to don this refreshing aesthetic on days when you want to turn up the vibe.

Shop this outfit, Sleepwalk Cover Up In Green

“Umber, can’t get over!”

Glow not just at golden hour but all day, every day in this awe-inspiring abaya design. This ensemble is made more delightful to wear because of its radiating tone in umber, fluted sleeves, and button embellishments. If you are planning to start building your capsule wardrobe, this coveted abaya style will be a great addition.

See for yourself, All Tied Up Abaya In Umber

“Double the colour, double the fun!”

If you can’t decide which colour to get, why not get them both? This two-tone abaya fashion is such a standout piece that renders a contemporary spin on an iconic outfit. This ensemble showcases a head-turning design that is fused with a kimono aesthetic. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this fashion-forward abaya dress.

Grab the style, Colour Block Open Abaya in Green

“This maroon will make you swoon”

This red abaya design will add a splash of colour to your typical wardrobe. This charming outfit is given a striking modern touch with its rich colour and button embellishments to reflect Kayfi's modest style with a classic flowing pattern. Slip into its refined looks with a matching hijab and you’re ready to go!

Get the look, Oversized Open Abaya in Maroon

“I know, I look blue-ming today”

Enjoy a feel-good, look-good moment with this blue open abaya. The flaring figure of this piece knows how to flatter ladies of all shapes and silhouettes. This garment flows from the dropped shoulders with a v-neck to the ankle-skimming hem. The ditsy detail on its chiffon fabric adds a touch of fun and fab to your style.

Shop this outfit, Hide And Peak Cover Up In Poseidon

Which Colored Abaya Will Suit You Best?

We get it. With all the choices that are available to you, sometimes we tend to get overwhelmed easily when confronted with the question of which colour to pick. Let's start with the fact that there are no restrictions when it comes to wearing your favourite hue; if that's what you prefer, that's what you should wear. If you don't have one, well then we say, most of the time it all goes down to your skin tone.

The colour of your skin plays a pivotal role in choosing the perfect hue for your next modern abaya purchase. Remember that the abaya style covers a huge percentage of your body, hence colored abaya designs that complement your skin colour can give you an overall glow and make you look radiant, day in and day out.

Your undertone colour should be your deciding factor to determine which shade works best for you. Warm, cool, and neutral skin undertones are the three types. Skin undertones are classified into three types – warm, cool, and neutral. Here’s which abaya colour is complimentary with each undertone:

  • Warm Undertone

Red, yellow, pistachio, orange-red, and olive green are the best warm colours that will enable you to make your complexion glimmer more. Mint green also looks best on warm, radiant skin.

  • Cool Undertone

The colours that look best on cool undertones are red, rosy, and pastel pink hues. All shades of blue, notably royal blue, and emerald work like a charm with cool undertones.

  • Neutral Undertone

A neutral undertone is perhaps the most versatile undertone there is. As the name suggests, they can pull off any colored abaya like a diva. However, if you're searching for the most attractive shade that will match your undertone, rose, nude, beige, and camel will make you glow.

Each individual's skin tone is unique, with some having a warmer skin colour and others having a lighter one. That’s why it’s imperative to choose an abaya colour that matches well with your skin if you want to get that classy glow. When you have figured this part out, having a couple of go-to colours in your closet can easily boost your style and make you feel comfortable and confident in your abaya dress.

Where to Get the Best Colored Abaya Designs?

Finding the perfect colour for your next modern abaya investment is all about achieving the ideal balance of flare, comfort, and elegance. Women who dress modestly will undoubtedly understand what we're saying. For many years, modest dress has been inextricably linked with Islamic fashion. However, we have noticed a recent trend. As modest fashion has become more mainstream, it has become more inclusive.

Now that we’ve laid out all there is to consider, it's time to make a decision. We are here to help you discover the trendiest colored abaya that will make you look stunning on any occasion. Fortunately, Kayfi has a large selection of trendy abaya designs to pick from! You're sure to come upon something that complements your style and the occasion to which you'll be wearing it. Begin browsing our collections today to find the finest colored abaya that will make you glow like never before!