How To Make Your Wardrobe Bloom With These Four Fancy Floral Outfits

Flowers are the ultimate gift one could ever give to someone, or perhaps one can ever get for oneself. I mean, who would not fall in love with flowers? Name me one person, I dare you. Even just the thought of it brightens up someone’s day, attributed to its natural charm and beauty.

Due to the unexplainable magic that flowers exude, humans have developed a natural inclination to incorporate them in everything that they do just to breathe life into it. From interior designs to artworks, to gifts-giving, and even to food preparations, we have integrated the idea of flowers into every aspect of our lives so as to keep us reminded of the beauty of it and to promote harmony and happiness.

Hence, there is no wonder why flowers also made it to fashion. The use of various floral prints, patterns and embellishments has been in existence since the beginning of time. This aesthetic element has also proven itself as a fail-proof approach to making an outfit look alive and attractive no matter the season, no matter the type.

Nowadays, more and more women are riding the wave of collecting floral ensembles. Especially during the hot season, floral outfits just know how to cool things down. Plus, we can’t deny the fact that you just can’t hate any outfit that’s floral. I mean, who has the guts to hate flowers? Since you’ve guessed it, the floral craze has uncontrollably proliferated and has withstood a long line of generations, one can only imagine what a vast pool of options we’ve got today if you are to start infusing florals into your wardrobe.

Things can get overwhelming when it comes to choosing the perfect floral clothes, especially if your options look as massive as a botanical garden. But you don’t have to take a step back! We are here to guide you through. We have rounded up a list of fancy floral outfits that you will certainly enjoy flaunting this summer:


This floral print flaring ladies kaftan, a vision of colours swirling around a canvas, is simple and easy to put on with an opening at the back. The V neckline has a slight pleat to allow the viscose fabric to caress the body. The sleeves feature elasticated cuffs and expand out somewhat in a balloon style before resting just above the wrist. This midi-length kaftan dress is ideal for both day and night, indoors and out.


Afloral blousefor the amorous and mischievous in her. A little keyhole at the high neckline reveals her playful side, while the high neckline and 3/4th sleeves reveal her romantic side. The whimsical pattern of thisditsy floral toplooks like flowers strewn around on a sunny afternoon. Theflower tophas a high neckline and a rear opening for convenience of wear. This hip-length contemporary blouse is enhanced by light gathers at the empire waist.


A dream in flowers that blooms like the countryside around her. This V-neckfloral summer dressis an eccentric dream. It's masterfully designed in ditsy print and reminds me of strewn flowers on a spring morning. An inverted V is formed by raising the waistline. Thefloral maxi dressis spread out on three enormous levels to the ground. The sleeves have a modest balloon shape and are 3/4 length. The front open includes a discreet placket and concealed side zip for comfort. The charming line of ruffles at the hem adds to the prairie vibe.


Be the head-turner in the room with this classic piece. A timeless flaredfloral skirtin a ditsy design, which looks like flowers scattered on a summer morning, will be a coveted outfit in no time. The patterned polyfloral print skirthas a discreet zipper at the side for convenience of wear and is midi length. This versatilelong skirt for womencan be worn with a variety of outfits and goes well with anything top or blouse in your closet.

Take It Or Leaf It!

Ladies, now that you have these fun-loving floral outfits laid out before you, the decision is now yours to make. Picking the best floral clothes shouldn’t be that hard because all of them are versatile enough to cheer up your style. Also, these outfits are no doubt to make your wardrobes bloom. But if you are taking baby steps to floral prints, we suggest you give it time. We promise it’ll grow on you - pun intended. If you are still looking for more, Kayfi has a garden-like collection of floral outfits that you will surely love. Their dedication to creating modest outfits infused with contemporary style is something that you will certainly enjoy. Explore our stunning collection of printed ensembles, from floral print dresses to floral print tops, and pick the best one that will make your personality shine best. It’s about time to fulfil your floral fantasy.