Why You Need To Have These Five Essentials In Your Modest Closet

The previous years have undeniably made us replace our favourite tops and pants with a comfy set of loungewear - but trust us, circumstances are getting better and we have to keep up with the times. Thus, this year, one of the finest things you can do for your style is to build a reliable wardrobe on a solid base of outfit essentials. We are talking about staple pieces that will last from season to season and serve as the foundation for the majority of your ensembles. These should be the type of apparel that will effortlessly assist you in putting together looks from top to bottom without having to waste a single second wondering about what to wear.

Discovering what fits well with your body and what you feel most confident in is a vital step in establishing a personalised wardrobe that encapsulates your style and personality. This is not a one-size-fits-all situation. These staple pieces make it easier to get dressed, make your closet more adaptable, and can be simply mixed and matched. Some research found that the average person spends 90 to 110 minutes each week considering what to wear. We can surely utilise that time for something more productive and to avoid the stress of what feels like an endless guessing game.

Five Must-Haves In Your Modest Closet

In this post, we will explore what a chic and smart wardrobe must include in order to feel trendy while still functioning as a streamlined, versatile closet. Whether you're starting fresh from zero or you just want to improve your modest wear rotation, these mainstays will indeed last a lifetime:


This Frayed Jacket in Brown flaunts a straight-cut, oversized, single-breasted jacket with lapels. It highlights dropped shoulders, a chest pocket, and jetted front pockets in its aesthetic design. This blazer has the perfect dark brown colour, staying true to the minimalist approach.


This Snake Print Midi Kaftan in Bronze is a midi-length kaftan dress in a snake print pattern crafted from a crease-free fabric. It features smock details on its full sleeves and a flared skirt, enhanced by its empire waist design. This eccentric kaftan is a new take on a traditionally feminine style.


This Knitted Straight Cut Kaftan in Tan races from the top to a midi-length cap. It features a bateau neckline and is delightful by its knitted form. This kaftan dress also sports a columnar shape and short sleeves, making it the perfect choice for a modest style.


This Button Embellished Jacquard Abaya in Blue is made of an ideal fabric for a straight fit. It has a v-neckline and full sleeves, and button embellishments on the front. This abaya may be worn for its actual purpose, but it also works well as a cover-up. Spruce up the outfit with a striking piece of jewellery.


This Button-Down Shift Midi Dress in Green is designed of flexible material and falls to form a long shirt dress with delicate embellishments. This dress cascades with front buttons and full bishop sleeves for a comfortable fit to the shape. Furthermore, the choker V-neckline adds a sophisticated flair to the one who wears it.

To Wrap It All Up

Investing in wardrobe essentials will undoubtedly grant your closet a reliable framework and turn your attires more appealing and flexible. This process isn't about even getting rid of your favourite pieces or reinventing your personalised fashion choices. Rather, it is actually giving them the opportunity to stand out even further because they are coupled with a wardrobe staple. We have no doubt that with these five must-haves in your repertoire, you will be able to dominate your closet and effortlessly create stunning ensembles to slay every day.