What is My Kayfi?

My Kayfi is your gateway to enjoying the Kayfi shopping experience. It holds all your account related information like Order History, Invoices, Shipping Addresses, Exclusive Offers, Customer Support & more, for the best experience possible. Visit for more details.

How do I Register or Sign in on

 "For the best post shopping experience, My Kayfi is your friend! To register an account, visit and fill out a small form. We also let you create an account while placing an order with us. Once your account is verified you can always visit to access your personal account details and exciting offers. Be 100% assured that your personal information is secure and protected with us as we use 256 bit SSL data encryption to keep our customer data safe." is not working?

We apologise for the inconvenience, sometimes there are technical maintenance activities running on the servers. In case of emergency; kindly get in touch with our Customer Care Team or drop us an email at

What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are complicated, but here's a quick explanation: Cookies are files installed on your computer, telephone, tablet of meant to record its activity while you browse through on KAYFI's Website/app of KAYFI. The use of cookies allows the server in which the Web/App is located to recognise the browser you use. This grants you, a registered user, access to the areas and services without having to register in each visit and record your preferences with regard to language, country, etc. in future visits.

How do I change my cookie settings?

"We recommend that you keep cookies turned on for the best shopping experience. Cookies help save your preferences so that you get personalised user experience whenever you shop on our website. To change cookies preferences, go to the settings of your browser and click on site settings. From here you can allow or disallow the site to use your cookies."

I forgot my account password?

Don't worry! We are with you. To avoid these situation, we offer simple and secured sign-in option via One Time Password (OTP) which you will receive on your registered mobile number. Problem Solved!

How to deactivate my account?

It's unfortunate to see you go, but now that you have decided, go to settings of your My Kayfi Account and click on "Deactivate Account". Hope to see you back soon! You can also get in touch with our customer care team to assist you with the process, just drop us an email on for more assistance.

How to retrieve my account?

Happy to have you back. All your account related information like past orders, shipping address, invoices and exclusive promotions are kept at My Kayfi Account. Incase you still cant find what you are looking for, you can get in touch with our customer care team or drop us an email on for assistance.

Why should I create a My Kayfi Account?

"Because My Kayfi is your own personalised shopping experience. Want to know how creating an account with benefits you? 1. Never miss a deal - You will be notified about our promotional offers and sales so that you never miss out on them. 2. Order Tracking - We provide live tracking via our My Kayfi Account section. 3. Express Checkout - It will ease your checkout process by refilling your delivery address and other preferences. 4. Fashion Trends - Keep up with the all the latest fashion trends, and get customised notifications about our new products." 

How do I update or modify the Newsletters I receive by e-mail?

"The Newsletters are for your benefit, as you like it. Tell us the type of news (exclusive promotions, latest look-books, new collections, etc.) you would like to receive by e-mail. To do so, go to the Subscriptions section in My Kayfi Account and select topics that interest you. You can modify your preferences whenever you like. Please note that we need 48 hours for the change to become effective."

How do I modify my account details?

You can change your password, address and telephone number at any time. To do so, visit My details section in My Kayfi Account.